Frequently Asked Questions

To become a Member of the Club you must complete the application form included in this PDS and pay the application moneys to the Responsible Entity. cheques should be made payable to ‘A.P.V.C. Ltd Application Account’. You will be required to provide supporting information with your application to become a Member, for example information which proves your identity and your address. We have the right to accept or reject any application for Membership without giving any reason for the rejection. However, we will notify you whether your application has been rejected or accepted as soon as possible after we receive your application. If your application is rejected, the Responsible Entity will return your application together with your Application Moneys within seven business days. If your application for Membership is accepted you become a Member on the date your name is entered in the Register of Members. This is usually the first day of the following month after your application has been accepted. You will receive your Membership documents as soon as possible after your Membership has been registered. You should keep these documents in a safe place.

There are different levels of memberships...

Members who are also members of Interval are able to book accommodation by depositing their Première Points and paying the Interval weekly exchange fee – that is AU$124 or NZ$134 if done via the Interval website, A$134 or NZ$144 through the Interval call centre for a domestic exchange, and AU$194 or NZ$199 online, A$204 or NZ$209 through the call centre for an international exchange. These fees are set by Interval and may be subject to change. Where an Interval member makes an exchange request which includes both domestic and international destinations, they will be required to pay an international exchange fee, regardless of which location is ultimately confirmed. End of stay cleaning fees are also charged by Interval. Should you wish to send friends or family on a holiday with Interval, there is an additional charge for a guest certificate, which is currently AU/NZ $59.

As well as the cost of purchasing a Membership, all Members must pay ongoing annual Club Fees and may have to pay other Membership Fees.
Did you know? 
Fees and costs can have a substantial impact on your ability to use your Membership. You should consider whether ongoing Club Fees and costs are affordable for you before becoming a Member. Club Fees are not negotiable.

Yes, you have a seven calendar day cooling off period. If you elect to cancel your Membership during the cooling off period, the Responsible Entity will refund all monies received less AU$100, which will be retained unless you return your Membership kit in good condition. To cool off you need to complete and return to us a copy of the cooling off statement which is included in this PDS or give us other formal written notice of your intention to cool off. To be effective, a notice of intention to cool off must be received by the Responsible Entity at the address given as the Head Office address on the back cover of this PDS by no later than 5pm on the 7th calendar day after the day you acknowledged that you received the PDS, FSG and cooling off statement (usually the day of your sales presentation). The Responsible Entity is under no obligation whatsoever to release a Member from their application after the cooling-off period has expired.

Absolutely. You have a seven calendar day cooling off period which applies to the upgraded Première Points (but not your original Membership).

To reserve accommodation at Club Apartments, or external accommodation (see section 3.7 for an explanation of external accommodation), please contact Member Services on:
Within Australia: 1300 761 414 (option 1) - toll free Within New Zealand: 0800 761 414 (option 1) - toll free Internationally: 0011 65 6318 2532 Email: msreservations@accorvacationclub.com.au Members Website: www.members.accorvacationclub.com.au

There is no booking fee for making a reservation at a Club Apartment. However, cleaning fees may apply if you have already used your annual cleaning entitlement. More information about fees is contained in the fee section, section 7. There are booking fees for making a reservation with Interval, which are outlined at section 3.8.

Bookings of Club Apartments using Première Points can be made for a single night, multiple nights, a full week period or longer. You must have paid your Application Money and Club Fees in full and not be in arrears of your finance payments in order for the Member Services team to confirm your reservation, and in order to stay. For more detail about Club Fees, refer to section 7.

The number of Première Points required to stay at a Club Apartment depends on the season, length of the holiday, and the size of the apartment required. Using a High, Mid and Value Season structure, points are allocated based on usage patterns and expected demand at each property. To work out how many Première Points you will need for a holiday you are planning, first refer to the Seasonal Calendar and Property Details chart in Figures C and E and determine:
  • Your preferred location and whether it is a Group A or Group B property;
  • Your preferred dates and whether they are in the High, Mid or Value Season for that property.
Next, refer to the Points chart in Figures D or F and determine:
  • What size of apartment you require;
  • How long your stay will be; and
  • How many Première Points you will need for your stay.
For example
You want to stay at Turtle Beach Resort, Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast for 1 week during Mid Season in a two bedroom apartment. You will need 3,300 points for that week.
From time to time we may update the dates on which a High, Mid or Value Season starts or ends at a particular Club Resort. If we do this we will ensure that the change is balanced by a change elsewhere so that the number of points attributable to any one Club Resort will remain constant.

Club Apartments are located at 24 different Club Resorts across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Details about the Club Apartments are set out in the Figures C,D,E and F and in your property handbook.

You can cancel a confirmed booking at any time up to the check-in date, but you will have to pay the cancellation fee which is specified in the regulations, and you may also forfeit some or all of your Première Points used to make the booking, depending on how early you cancel your stay. All cancellations (including changes) of Première Points reservations at Club Property are subject to these cancellation rules. The cancellation fee is currently AU$55. Fees will also apply to any changes in bookings. In addition the Première Points which are forfeited when you cancel are as follows: Figure-I-Cancellation If cancellations occur as a result of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of a Member, in some cases, the Responsible Entity may waive the cancellation fee or Première Points forfeiture. This is usually only applied by the Responsible Entity where an act of god, such as fire or flood, has made a Club Property inaccessible or forced it to close.

It is important to remember that the earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the dates that you prefer at Club Apartments. The higher your level of Membership, the earlier you are entitled to book. The booking window also differs between full week reservations (which can be booked earlier) and for periods shorter than one week.

Interval is an independently owned and operated service company. When enrolling with Interval, a Member will receive a copy of Interval’s terms and conditions of individual membership and exchange, which the Member should read carefully before determining whether Interval membership is right for them. Neither the Developer nor the Responsible Entity are agents for Interval and no representations or promises made by the Developer or Responsible Entity, or their agents, are binding on Interval. Interval’s responsibility for representations regarding Interval’s exchange program, as well as Interval’s current or future services, is limited to those made in written materials provided by Interval. Neither the Developer nor Responsible Entity are able to control the number of Première Points required for any given exchange through Interval, either at the date of this document, or in the future.

Members of the Club receive an annual allocation of Première Points, the Club’s currency, which they can use to stay at holiday locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. The core package of Membership rights to which all Members are entitled is described as a ‘Première Membership’. Memberships are currently offered at Corporate, Traveller, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. Every year that a Club Membership remains current, the Member will receive an annual allocation of Première Points. The amount of Première Points which a Member receives depends upon their level of Membership. This annual allocation occurs once a year for the entire term of the Club on the first day of the month following the month in which the Member was entered in the Membership register.  

If you are already a Member but would like to upgrade your Membership to a higher level you must complete the Upgrade Application Form included in this PDS and pay the application moneys to the Responsible Entity. Cheques should be made payable to ‘A.P.V.C. Ltd Application Account’. If you do not purchase the upgrade in person, you may be required to return other information to support your application, such as acknowledgments that you have received or yourself electronically accessed disclosure documents such as this PDS. We have the right to accept or reject any application for an upgrade of Membership without giving any reason for the rejection. However, we will notify you whether your application for upgrade has been rejected or accepted as soon as possible after we receive your application. If your application for upgrade is rejected, the Responsible Entity will return your application together with your application moneys within seven business days. If your application to upgrade is rejected, you will still be a Member at your original level of Membership. If your application to upgrade you Membership is accepted you receive Additional Première Points on the date your Membership is updated in the Register of Members and your Première Points balance will be adjusted to provide for the additional Première Points acquired.

Your available points are displayed on the top right of the browser when you are logged in.