In the media

Objective of this page

Help content stay fresh and relevant by providing members, non members and search engines (!) with updates on what is happening at AVC. Some of this content will be used in the email marketing strategy.

Types of media articles

  • Any press releases
  • Any editorial from CEO in magazine

Note: this content will be visible to ALL so it shouldn’t be about latest member-exclusive specials!

This page could be subscribed to so it is best to keep standard HTML layout in place and do not add fancy stuff via shortcodes otherwise it won’t look good in emails/feed readers.

Layout of this page

This will be displayed as a blog – pulling only the posts in the ‘in the media’ category

Best person to work with

  • Karen and Troy

Existing content on existing site

Nothing on the current site (some info on the members only site but this info is for all to see)

Where will this content be displayed

  • In this menu
  • On the homepages
  • In different content widgets if required.