Palm Cove Vacation – Second Term Holidays – Escape From Melbourne Winter

by / Friday, 17 February 2017 / Published in Testimonials

Dear Accor Vacation Club,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how fantastic our mid winter escape in Palm Cove, Cairns has turned out. We feel we have come to Paradise!

The new apartments are amazing and an absolute delight.

While we watch the nightly TV news with reports of the weather back home in Melbourne, reaching a maximum of 14 degrees, we are lazing around with temperatures of 27 / 28 every single day, in T-shirts, shorts and thongs, with beautiful, warm, clear skies. We feel like we are back in summer.

When we committed to a Platinum Membership early in 2002, we were dubious about the value of this huge investment. We need not have worried and the proof has been in the fabulous holidays that we have taken every single year since.

At the time of our joining, our boys were in primary school and we were not so worried about our holiday scheduling. As the boys have grown, fitting in with school holidays, and not missing the school curriculum has become necessary, which involves competing with everyone else at peak season for a holiday. Thank goodness we have our Accor Vacation Club points and access to a five star holiday every year!

We are small business owners, and work very hard during the year, for many hours and often 7 days a week, so holidays are very precious, valued and hard earned. Consequently, we need them to be “5 star” and luxurious so as to really unwind and recharge for the working months ahead.

Even with the advent of the internet and “hot” online specials, with inflation, the state of the economy and our growing needs and desires, there is no way we could afford to have the standard of holidays nor the duration as we do now with our Accor Vacation Club Membership. Most desirable locations do not have “online” specials at peak times or if they do, they are in such limited numbers, that by the time the airline tickets are organized, if available at all, and once again, if affordable, the accommodation is gone. With our Accor Vacation Club Membership, we know that every year we have a guaranteed top class holiday.

For instance, our current holiday, for 14 days / nights, in Palm Cove, Cairns, in a 3 bedroom unit, would have been simply unaffordable if we had to pay cash for it. Thankfully, we are able to enjoy amazing facilities and everyone has enough space and room to do their own thing or come together and do family things. We can be tourists and do the sites or we can be “veggies” and recover and recuperate from the hard work and cold weather back home in Melbourne. Vitamin D (sunshine) is wonderfully therapeutic!

Since joining, we have increased our Membership level by accepting upgrade offers as we could afford them and are now in a position to have a couple of decent holidays every year – something we could never have contemplated or afforded beforehand.

Thank you once again Accor Vacation Club. Next holiday – Twin Waters!


Charlotte F. and Family
July 2009