Can I cancel a booking at a Club apartment?

You can cancel a confirmed booking at any time up to the check-in date, but you will have to pay the cancellation fee which is specified in the regulations, and you may also forfeit some or all of your Première Points used to make the booking, depending on how early you cancel your stay. All cancellations (including changes) of Première Points reservations at Club Property are subject to these cancellation rules. The cancellation fee is currently AU$55. Fees will also apply to any changes in bookings.
In addition the Première Points which are forfeited when you cancel are as follows:

If cancellations occur as a result of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of a Member, in some cases, the Responsible Entity may waive the cancellation fee or Première Points forfeiture. This is usually only applied by the Responsible Entity where an act of god, such as fire or flood, has made a Club Property inaccessible or forced it to close.