Costs of using the external exchange program

Members who are also members of Interval are able to book accommodation by depositing their Première Points and paying the Interval weekly exchange fee – that is AU$124 or NZ$134 if done via the Interval website, A$134 or NZ$144 through the Interval call centre for a domestic exchange, and AU$194 or NZ$199 online, A$204 or NZ$209 through the call centre for an international exchange. These fees are set by Interval and may be subject to change. Where an Interval member makes an exchange request which includes both domestic and international destinations, they will be required to pay an international exchange fee, regardless of which location is ultimately confirmed. End of stay cleaning fees are also charged by Interval. Should you wish to send friends or family on a holiday with Interval, there is an additional charge for a guest certificate, which is currently AU/NZ $59.