Do I have a cooling off period?

Yes, you have a seven calendar day cooling off period. If you elect to cancel your Membership during the cooling off period, the Responsible Entity will refund all monies received less AU$100, which will be retained unless you return your Membership kit in good condition.

To cool off you need to complete and return to us a copy of the cooling off statement which is included in this PDS or give us other formal written notice of your intention to cool off. To be effective, a notice of intention to cool off must be received by the Responsible Entity at the address given as the Head Office address on the back cover of this PDS by no later than 5pm on the 7th calendar day after the day you acknowledged that you received the PDS, FSG and cooling off statement (usually the day of your sales presentation).

The Responsible Entity is under no obligation whatsoever to release a Member from their application after the cooling-off period has expired.