External exchange program rules

Members of Interval have 24 months, from the date they deposit their points with Interval, to confirm an exchange with Interval. This means that Members of Interval can extend the life of their points for up to two years. Any number of points can be deposited with Interval, however all bookings with Interval must be made in seven night blocks (although Interval Gold Members can book in shorter blocks – see section 3.9 for more details).

Members of the Club cannot deposit expired points with Interval, and they must have paid all Club Fees in full and not be in arrears with their finance payments to be able to deposit points and use their Interval Exchange Membership.

If the member of Interval wishes to extend their points again after the initial 24 months extension, they can extend them once more (for a maximum of 12 months – 36 months in total) by paying a deposit extension fee to Interval. In this extended 12 month period, reservations can only be made 59 days or fewer before check-in.

If a member of Interval makes a reservation with Interval which uses fewer points than they have deposited, the remaining balance of their points can be carried over for another exchange.