This glossary is designed to assist in reading this PDS and is not intended to replace or change the meaning of words in the Constitution. Where words and phrases are used in the Constitution, the definitions and interpretation of those words and phrases are set out in detail in clause 1 of the Constitution.

Accor Group Company means a company whose ultimate parent is Accor S.A.

Additional Première Points means additional Première Points purchased by a Member upgrading their Membership. For more information about upgrades see section 6.3.

Application Moneys means the total amount paid or payable for a Membership, including upgrade Application Moneys.

Bonus Time and Bonus Time Accommodation refer to a benefit sometimes offered to Members which enables you to purchase unused available rooms at a discounted cash rate. For more information about Bonus Time refer to section 3.12.

Club means the registered managed investment scheme known as Accor Vacation Club ARSN 094 718 108. The Club is also known as the Home Club.

Club Apartment means a unit of Club Property which Members are entitled to use and may include a unit, apartment, townhouse, room, suite, villa or dwelling. For more information about Club Apartments see section 2.

Club Fee means the annual fee payable by each Member in accordance with clause 24.3 of the Constitution. For more information about Club Fees see section 7.4. Club Fees are also known as Home Club Fees.

Club Resort means a geographical area where one or more Club Apartments are located. For more information about Club Resorts see section 2.

Club Property means all property held by the Responsible Entity on trust for Members, and is not limited to real property. For more information about Club Property see section 2.

Compliance Plan means the Club’s Compliance Plan. For more information about the Compliance Plan see section 8.

Constitution means the Club’s constitution, as amended from time to time. For more information about the Constitution, see section 8.

Developer means the person holding one or more Developer Membership and is currently A.P.V.C. Nominees Pty Ltd in its capacity as nominee for Accor Resorts Management Pty Ltd. For more information about the Developer see sections 1.3 and 8.12.

Developer benefit means a benefit offered by the Developer to Première Plus Members. For more information about Première Plus Members and the current Developer benefits, see section 4.3.

Interval means Interval International Inc. an external exchange company affiliated with the Club. For more information about booking international accommodation with Interval, see section 3.6.

Member means a person registered as a member of the Club in accordance with the Constitution.

Membership means, subject to the Constitution, an undivided part
or share in the beneficial interests in Club Property together with
the associated rights, licences, benefits, entitlements, duties and obligations attaching to such a share, and includes all classes or levels of Membership.

Membership Fees means any and all fees, costs, charges and expenses payable by a Member in connection with their Membership (including their Club Fee or any Special Club Fee). For more information about Membership Fees, see section 7.

Personal benefit is a personal and non-transferable benefit provided by the Responsible Entity to Members in accordance with the Constitution, which can be modified and removed at any time. For more information about Personal benefits, see section 4.2.

Première Points means the points which a Member is allocated on
an annual basis (except for biannual Members) and which can be used like currency to make reservations. For more information about Première Points, see sections 1.6-1.10 and 3.2-3.3.

Première Member means a Member of the Club. For more information about Première Members, see section 4.1.

Première Plus Members means Members who have an enhanced package of additional Developer benefits. For more information about Première Plus Members, see section 4.3.

Regulations means the regulations of the Club made in accordance with the Constitution. For more information about the Regulations and Constitution, see section 8.

Responsible Entity means the responsible entity of the Club and is currently A.P.V.C. Ltd ACN 093 228 141.

Total Première Points means the total number of Première Points which the Responsible Entity has issued at any given time.