International accommodation exchange with Interval

The Responsible Entity has entered into agreements with Interval International Inc. (Interval), an external exchange company, which means that the Club is an affiliated resort of the Interval International exchange program.

This means that Club Members who are also members of Interval can use their Première Points to holiday at some 3,000 affiliated resorts in over 80 countries in exotic and exciting locations all over the world through Interval. Première Plus Members receive a complimentary 12 month membership upon joining the Club as a Developer benefit. After the introductory first year, membership with Interval incurs a fee – currently AU$95 per year. The agreement with Interval is a Personal benefit (Personal benefits are described in more detail in section 4.2) which means that it is not guaranteed to continue for the life of the Club. Because it is personal to you, it also means that if you sell or gift your Membership, the new Member will not be entitled to make use of the program.