Other Club property

As at 30 November 2012, the Club owns 4 one bedroom, 12 two bedroom and 4 three bedroom apartments at the Novotel Rockford Palm Cove Resort. The Responsible Entity has entered into an agreement with the Developer which permits Members to use the Coral Coast Palm Cove Accor Vacation Club Apartments as Club Apartments in lieu of using the apartments at Novotel Rockford Palm Cove Resort. Thirty-two of the 37 apartments at Coral Coast Palm Cove are not Club Property, although Members can currently use them as if they were. The apartments at Novotel Rockford Palm Cove Resort are consequently being leased to the general public. A.P.V.C. Ltd also owns 10 three bedroom apartments at Rafferty’sResortLakeMacquarie,whicharebeingleasedbythegeneral public. These apartments are not owned by the Club and it is not planned to make these Club Apartments in the near future.