Must Have Travel Gadgets for Your Next Trip

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A clever travel gadget can alter the way we experience the world and can definitely help to alleviate discomfort and boredom during a long trip. Here, Accor Vacation Club shares five cool travel gadgets that can help make your next trip safer, easier and much more fun: 

The Sandless Beach Mat
If you love lying on the beach with the kids, but don’t love constantly having to get up and shake all the sand off the towels, this mat is the essential summer accessory. Originally designed for military use, the Sandless Beach Mat consists of several layers. The top layer allows particles of sand to pass through to the other side, whilst the bottom layer prevents any determined sand from rising up from underneath. Finally, you will be able to enjoy sandwiches on the beach without a mouthful of sand!

2. The Micro 3-in-1 Luggage Scooter 
Not your ordinary hand luggage, this nifty luggage scooter with adjustable handlebars will enable you to whizz quickly through airports. Suitable for adults and children aged 12 years and above, it looks sleek, stylish and is extremely versatile. There is even a Bluetooth speaker incorporated into the luggage bag so you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst sliding around the airport. Travelling will never be boring again!

3. SunnyCam video recording sunglasses 
These video recording sunglasses from SunnyCam not only look great, they allow you to record the moment, whilst living in the moment. Featuring wide-angled HD technology and high impact-resistant sports style frames, you’ll be able to easily capture the most exciting moments of your family trip without missing a beat. There are several versions available but the Xtreme is highly recommended as a travel gadget, as it is water resistant, making it ideal for use at the poolside or beach.

4. Water Purifier Bottle 
A common cause of holiday upset tummies is drinking unclean water in remote locations. Rather than risking bottled water that might be unsafe, take this clever water purifying bottle with you and also helps to cut down on environmental waste. There are many bottles on the market but the 
Camelbak All Clear has to be one of the best. It uses state-of-the-art UV technology to purify water – all you have to do is to fill it with water and leave it to stand for a few minutes – and is designed to last for years. Best of all the water it purifies tastes great. 

 5. Individual suitcase stickers

These inexpensive retro vinyl suitcase stickers will make your suitcase easy to spot when on the carousel in a busy airport. Perfect for your giving an old suitcase a bit of a facelift and for creating the impression that you are extremely well-travelled!


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