What Is the Real Benefit of A Timeshare?

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Have you thought about taking your love of holidays and new travel experiences to a new level? Have you wondered about the pros, cons and value of timeshare as a viable alternative to other travel and accommodation options? Did you know that Australian holiday makers spent twice the global average on their escapades in 2016, according to Trip Advisor’s insight platform, TripBarometer? Read on for some ideas on how you can optimise your travel budget and make a change to the way you choose to holiday, thanks to timeshare! 


Holidays – Tempting and Taxing? 

The idea of enjoying one or more annual holidays at exciting destinations is instantly appealing to many Australians. However, as any traveller knows, this endeavour is not always easy to achieve, as everyday life gets in the way! Flight and accommodation costs are just the beginning of the story; add restaurants, activities and other escapades, and you can sometimes have a significant holiday budget to save for. What if there were a better way to think ahead and plan to enjoy regular holidays? Thanks to our expert assessment of holiday options, we now know that there is definitely room for improvement – and probably one you did not suspect!

A dedicated Club, to inspire and help you plan ahead

Compared to a regular, casual, holiday booking, the Accor Vacation Club timeshare membership, which represents a lifetime of travel, comes with a number of advantages for Members. The first and foremost is, you have a choice of attractive, fully equipped, comfortable, and alluring holiday apartments at your disposal, bookable in advance with the assistance of a dedicated Member Services team. Every one of Accor Vacation Club’s timeshare properties will await you fully serviced and ready to go for the duration of your stay.

How the Accor Timeshare System Works

When you join the Accor Vacation Club, you get a number of Premiére Points each year that you can allocate to your desired holiday in a location of your choice within the network. These points can also be leveraged to maximise the Club’s many partner programs that open up accommodation and travel options at other destinations across Australia and the world. The real value of timeshare bookings with Accor Vacation Club lies in its flexibility of how you can burn, earn and even gift points: you can save up your points for up to two years for an especially dreamy holiday. Your wishes and your comfort come first! Your Premiére account gets topped up with the respective number of points each year (for use within 2 years), which turns annual holidays from a distant dream into a reality.

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The information in this article is not personal financial advice and has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person.  Before making a decision to purchase or upgrade a membership in the Accor Vacation Club, you should consider the PDS dated 1 January 2017, issued by A.P.V.C. Ltd AFSL 245515 and available at www.accorvacationclub.com.au or by contacting A.P.V.C. Ltd on 1800 70 81 90.