FREAK Gold Coast

FREAK is an immersive virtual reality gaming venue that combines cutting edge multiplayer games, incredible 4D effects and curated physical spaces to help you venture beyond reality. Suitable for ages 10+, FREAK offers the leading free roam VR games - Arizona Sunshine LBVR and Ghost Patrol. For the brave, adventurous or outright crazy! Up to four players walk around an open arena with absolute freedom of movement while exploring a parallel universe, solving challenges or fighting for survival. Androids & Outlaws: Look out! Androids have come to Earth to take our cows and destroy our crops – or possibly something even more sinister! Birthday parties and group events: A party at FREAK is possibly the coolest birthday party a kid could ask for! The Arcade Party Package gives you your own private VIP VR experience, with a curated selection of the best VR games, private venue hire, and host.


City: Surfers Paradise


Phone: 5638 1155




Family Friendly

Games or recreation room

Interactive Centre


Non Smoking

Public Toilet