Padlock'd Escape Rooms South

Today there are two types of people on Earth: the ones who rave about mind-bending live escape games and the ones who have never heard of them. Gradually the first group is eating the second one. Alive. Literally. It is very tricky to describe the concept of a Live Escape Game at first, but once you have tried it, the genre is obvious! You and your friends solve puzzles, crack riddles and open locks in a fast-paced hour where you will either come out with massive smiles or hating everything. Our games are exciting yet challenging and have been perfectly designed for groups of 2-6 people regardless of knowledge or any specific skills. Players are locked in our themed rooms and must put together the hidden clues they find to overcome various mental tasks they encounter in order to escape the room before the 60-minute timer hits 0!


City: Surfers Paradise


Phone: 5551 5955



Family Friendly

Games or recreation room

Interactive Centre