Ten Acre Block

Ten Acre Block is Western Australia’s first high-end vegan restaurant located in the lobby of Pan Pacific Perth. Named after the ten-acre plots of land that were owned by famers and growers in rural Perth back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Ten Acre Block’s dishes feature a range of different spices, forms and flavours to celebrate the various cultures and backgrounds of the growers that worked the land. In its home in Bar UMA, an authentic Australian outback environment sets the scene for the vegan restaurant. Warm earthy tones and Aboriginal artwork adorn the walls and soft camel coloured seating invites diners to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Ten Acre Block is peppered with warm dimly lit lights, native Australian plants and delicate pale pink sheer curtains, creating a cosy, secluded space where diners purposefully lose track of time. Continuously challenging perceptions of vegan cuisine, Ten Acre Block is renowned for its innovative, expertly curated and deliciously fresh dishes. Consulting Executive Chef Alejandro Saravia and Head Chef Gianni Moretto and the team craft unique, out-of-the-box dishes that ensures that even non-vegans can enjoy the delectable nature of local produce.


Suburb: East Perth

City: East Perth

Email: tenacreblock@panpacific.com

Phone: 9224 7773

Mobile: 0458 036 552

Url: www.tenacreblock.com



Family Friendly

Non Smoking

Private Dining Area

Suitable for Functions