Hotels versus Timeshare: Top 3 differences between hotels and timeshare

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What is the difference between timeshare and hotel holidays? 
There are many similarities between timeshares and hotels and they both offer the chance to stay in some of the world’s most stunning locations. Look a bit more closely however, and you may be surprised to learn that there are some important differences between timeshare and hotel holidays – and that the former sometimes has several advantages over a traditional hotel room. 

1. A timeshare membership can represent an economical option
A timeshare operates by purchasing time-limited ‘vacation credits’ which you usually have to use within a period of two years. Your account is topped up each year with your annual vacation credits and many people find that a timeshare is an easy and affordable way to budget and pre-plan for annual holiday costs.

2. A timeshare encourages vacations to become an essential part of your lifestyle
Many would agree that holidays are an important part of your life and should be considered a priority – they are essential for your overall well-being, reduce stress and improve family and relationship bonds. However, with the pressures of modern life, it can be hard to make the commitment to an annual holiday and they often get pushed back to another year. The beauty of owning a timeshare membership is the fact that it actively encourages you to go on a rejuvenating and refreshing break. And all the work is done for you. Unlike booking a hotel break, there’s no need to spend hours researching costs and thinking about budgets and amenities. A membership, and the support and expertise of Accor Vacation Club’s Members Services team in arranging travel, makes holidaying fun.

3. A timeshare is ideal for busy families
Hotels can sometimes be stressful for young families. You can feel cramped trying to fit everyone’s favourite bits and pieces into a small hotel room without much storage space. When you use a timeshare membership to book accommodation, it’s much more like a home away from home. Let’s not under-estimate the benefit of having your very own kitchen facilities when travelling with family and friends, from both a value and convenience perspective! Timeshare owners can relax in spacious fully-equipped apartment-style accommodation that is often a much higher and more luxurious standard than you would get for a similarly priced hotel room. You will also have the opportunity to experience high-quality amenities, such as a heated swimming pool, on-site restaurants and even spas and gyms, depending on your destination.

Overall, a timeshare membership can provide great accommodation options that prioritise convenience and a more laidback and friendly feel. There is as much privacy as you want, but also the chance to get to know the area and the other timeshare members in the club over the years. It’s a bit like having a second home but without the headaches, hassle and expense that go into running a second property, plus the option of travelling to different places each year. 

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