Members since the inception of the Vacation Club

by / Tuesday, 30 November 2021 / Published in

I feel we can call you this as we have been members since the inception of the Vacation Club.

As soon as Melbourne residents were permitted to travel to Regional Victoria we booked 5 nights at Pinnacle Valley.  The week before we were to travel, two of our closest friends died.  We drove down and back yesterday for the first funeral and were exhausted. We decided to forego two nights’ accommodation and go to Melbourne this afternoon for tomorrow’s funeral and not return.  We used to go to Mt Buller to ski for a day but that was 50 years ago, and we didn’t realised we had aged so much.  I explained this to Alana, I think that is her name and wanted her to know there were absolutely no problems with anything at Accor and the two funerals and driving were the only reason for us cancelling the last two nights.

During our trip back to Melbourne, Karen from your head office phoned to say she had discussed the matter with Pinnacle Valley and we would be credited with the points for the two nights we didn’t stay because of the circumstances.  We were certainly not expecting this but are so very grateful to you, especially as the last two years have been challenging for us all.

Thank you immensely we are very grateful for your understanding and generosity.

We hope next year is a better year for you all.

Kindest regards,