Première Points & Seasonal Calendar

Première Points are the “currency” which Accor Vacation Club Members use to secure accommodation to holiday at Home and Inter-Club Property as well as on exchanges through Interval International.

Your Annual Première Points allocation lasts more than a year, allowing you to ‘save’ your Première Points into the next year.

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Members have 24 months from their Anniversary Date to spend their Première Points, while
  • Platinum, Traveller and Corporate Members have up to 27 months.

Première Points Anniversary Date

Each year on the Anniversary Date of your Membership, for the life of your Membership, the Club will credit you with your Annual Entitlement of Première Points.

Your Anniversary Date is the first day of the month following the actual month that full payment is received for your Membership, and can be found on your Membership Certificate and Card.

Biennial Members receive their points every second year.

Checking your Première Points

Please contact the Reservations Centre to check your current Premiere Points Balance or transaction history.

Extending Your Première Points

If you are unable to use your Première Points before they expire, you can save them for up to an additional two years by depositing them into Interval International (you will need have a current Interval International membership). Deposited points can only be used for Interval International exchanges. Please phone AUS 1300 76 14 14 (Option 1) or NZ 0800 76 14 14 (Option 1).

As an active Accor Vacation Club Member, you can:

• Deposit any amount of Première Points into Interval International at any time – there is no minimum deposit (this allows you to draw down on the point value for a booking when your exchange is confirmed)
• Combine separate deposits to form the one exchange (this wasn’t possible in the past);
• Use leftover points towards another holiday – if your whole deposit isn’t used on one exchange.

The cleaning fee is aldo deducted at the time your Première Points are deposited.  Those deposited points (and the related cleaning entitlement) expire 2 years from the date of deposit. You need to have a confirmed exchange prior to the expiry date of your deposited Première Points.


400 points deposited 30/04/2008 expiry date 29/04/2010
150 points deposited 1/05/2009 expiry date 31/04/2011
1,200 points deposited 6/10/2009 expiry date 5/10/2011

Exchange confirmed for 20/01/2010 for 1,700 Première Points (to holiday before 30/04/2010) uses a combination of the above Première Points, with a balance of 50 points remaining that expire 5/10/2011

To deposit your Premiere Points into Interval International please call your Reservations Centre.

Borrowing Première Points

If you don’t have enough Premiere Points for your desired holiday accommodation, you can Borrow Première Points from your next Membership Year to make up the difference.

For example: A Silver Member with 3,000 Première Points in their 2010 account, requires 4,000 Première Points for their desired 2010 holiday. They can Borrow 1,000 Premiere Points from their 2011 Premiere Points allocation to cover the difference.

All you need to do is make sure the Annual Club Fees for your current Membership Year, and the estimated Annual Club Fee for the following Membership Year are paid in order to Borrow Première Points.

Upgrading Première Points

Alternatively, if you find that your holidaying needs have changed and you require longer or more frequent holidays than your Première Points currently allow, you have the option to Upgrade to a higher level of Membership.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Members must purchase sufficient additional points to Upgrade to the next level of Membership, while Platinum, Traveller and Corporate Members may purchase in increments of 1,000 Première Points.

Pooling Première Points

Pooling allows you to take holidays with family and friends who are also Members. By Pooling Première Points you can combine your entitlements to book accommodation at the same time, allowing for larger accommodation and longer holidays.

Still not 100% sure on how to use your Première Points?

That's OK. We are here to help. Simply call our friendly Member Services team on AU 1300 76 14 14 or NZ 0800 76 14 14 who are more than happy to assist.