ATHOC Industry Survey

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Since 1994, the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council has represented the timeshare industry and advocated for the benefits of the vacation membership.

What is ATHOC?

ATHOC is the not-for-profit industry body for the timeshare industry in Australia, and has been for 27 years. It is a strong supporter for both flexible and traditional forms of timeshare, and requires its industry members to abide by a Code of Ethics and Code of Practice in order to better serve timeshare owners.

ATHOC is seeking your opinion on your timeshare membership. It has put together a short, eight-question survey for you. Your survey responses may also be shared with your Club, in order to potentially improve how members experience their timeshare.

Click the button below to fill out the survey. It takes less than three minutes!

If you are seeking to understand your timeshare better, or learn more about how you can use it to its full potential, ATHOC is pleased to provide general timeshare resources online, along with the ability to submit more specific questions related to timeshare through our website.

Whilst enjoying your timeshare holidays, please consider using the hashtag #ilovemytimeshare when you post on social media. ATHOC believes thousands of timeshare owners in Australia enjoy their club resort experiences and these voices often go unheard.

Thank you for your time.

Laura Younger
General Manager